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Our Story

Photo of the family that founded Bright Bread Company

Where it started

December 22, 2018 marked the difference between who the Zakhour family used to be and who they are today. That’s the day they lost their beloved patriarch—the center of their universe—Gihad Zakhour. He left behind the love of his life, Charisse; his daughters Chloe (26), Kayla (24), and Amber (21); his son, Noah (14); and his mother-in-law, Angela Bright.

Gihad and Charisse built a beautiful life together, with Gihad being the primary breadwinner and the “glue” that bonded the family together. With his unexpected passing, finances quickly became an issue. Then, Charisse, who’d been working in the telecommunications field, lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic further adding to the family’s economic uncertainty. (Groseclose, R.S., 2020, October, The Faces Behind Bright Bread Co., Wrangler Living Magazine)

How it's going...

With their finances in question, the family rallied together around the kitchen table one night and asked each other - what are we good at? What can we do? Baking was simply the only answer. They were going to need to make bread to raise dough. 


Mrs. Bright and Charisse had always wanted to go into business together and it seemed like the universe was telling them, ‘now is the time’. 


Now, this inspiring family is known as the Bright Bread Company. They deliver authentic, delicious breads to their local community of South Orange County and have no plans of slowing down. Through leveraging their skills in baking, social media, marketing, customer service, communications and more, this family has been able to create something truly special.


Grandma Bright, at the young age of 83, is finally getting her wish to have her own business and share her famous recipes, and the local community is just as thankful for the mouth-watering bread on their countertops.

Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Loaves
Bread Drawing


Such great role models! I love that our community gets to see strong and capable women leading their own business!


Grace with OC Piano Program

Bread Drawing
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